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What is Quality Coffee?

Everyone accepts the fact that coffee lovers consume coffee more consciously with the emergence of the 3rd generation coffee. The reason for this is the development of #coffee brewing technology and the increase in quality coffee beans. So what is "Quality Coffee" that we hear often?

Premium coffee is the highest quality coffee bean. It is used to classify similar aspects such as flavor and quality of beans produced in the world. In order for coffee beans to be considered qualified, they must comply with the criteria set by the Specialty Coffee Association. Coffees above the criteria are considered #Quality #Coffee, while coffees below the criteria are considered commercial. The term was mentioned by Erna Knutsen in an issue of the Tea & Coffee Journal in 1974. Knutsen used this term for coffee beans with good flavor and aroma grown in micro fields. Later, this term has turned into a gastronomic movement that includes nuances such as roasting and aroma. Later, this term was also recognized by the #Coffee #Union. With the recognition of the Coffee Association, the time between the production, roasting, grinding and storage of the coffee is evaluated according to the Quality Coffee criteria.

Elements of Quality Coffee;

In order for the coffee bean to have the Quality Coffee feature, it must score 80 or more out of 100 points.

Quality Coffee between 90-100

85-89 Excellent

80-84 is classified as Very Good.

The factors that determine these elements are the quality of the seed, brewing power, water standards and defect factors, having the characteristics of the region where it grows, protecting the features it has, and not being insect bites.


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