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Secrets of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The #caffeine it contains meets the energy we need daily. Coffee, which has many other benefits, also has its own secrets. Here are the #secrets of good and true #coffee;

#Arabica and #Robusta beans form the basis of coffee.

The dominance of Arabica is 70%, and the dominance of Robusta is 30% in the coffees that are drunk.

Arabica originates from Ethiopia, Robusta originates from the Congo River.

While Arabica grows on plateaus and slopes of 600 to 2000 m, Robusta prefers to grow in equatorial forests at an altitude of 600 m.

Arabica tastes sour but mild, Robusta has a bitter taste and is rich in caffeine.

While the aroma of Arabica is very high, Robusta is preferred more in coffees that require foam.

Arabica beans are used in high-cost coffees and Robusta is used in coffees that are prepared quickly.

There are not only Arabica and Robusta but also #Liberica and #Excelsa seeds, but they are not preferred industrially.

The most delicious coffee is coffee consumed within seven days after roasting.

If you want to drink quality coffee, you need to grind it just before brewing.

Grinding thickness and fineness of each brewing technique is different. Make sure you grind your coffee correctly.

Always weigh your coffee to make sure it is in the prescribed amount before brewing.

Make sure to pre-wet your filters with hot water.

Each brew should be in the amount you can consume.

You need to make your brew with quality water that is lime-free and has appropriate pH degrees.

Don't boil your coffee brewing water, just warm it up. Boiling water will cook the coffee, which will change the aroma.

Coffee brewed with 3rd generation brewing techniques will be much more delicious than coffee brewed in the machine.

You must clean your coffee equipment after each use.

You should not shake your equipment while brewing.

When buying coffee, choose beans, not ground.

Experience coffees prepared with light and medium roasting methods to understand the origin and character of coffee.

Do not reheat your coffee afterwards, make sure to brew as much as you can consume.


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