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2023 World Coffee Consumption Statistics

Coffee consumption continues to increase in popularity, with coffee brewing techniques of almost the same quality leaving coffee shops and being offered to businesses and homes. Coffee creates a universal common ground, independent of cultural differences, allowing people to share the same taste in every city in every country. However, people can also find the opportunity to create the coffee they want without straying from the main logic, which also removes the coffee culture from monotony.

According to 2023 data, it is seen that the popularity of coffee continues to increase, which leads to the opening of more roasting companies and the import and export of green beans to increase at the same rate. Details of the list of the 10 countries that consume the most coffee in 2023 are as follows;

1. United States – 26,651,000 kg

2. Brazil – 22,000,000 kg

3. Germany – 8,670,000 kg

4. Japan – 7,355,000 kg

5. France – 6,192,000 kg

6. Italy – 5,469,000 kg

7. Indonesia – 4,806,000 kg

8. Russia – 4.6 31,000 kg

9. Canada – 3,929,000 kg

10. Ethiopia – 3,781,000 kg

In Turkey, according to TUIK data, coffee consumption has increased fourfold in the last 10 years and per capita consumption has been determined as 1.5 kg. Turkey ranks 22nd among the countries that consume the most coffee by consuming 1,711.00 kg in 2023.


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