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How should Espresso and Filter Coffee Machines be cleaned?

As the duration of use of espresso and filter coffee machines increases and routine maintenance is neglected, they may cause irreversible malfunctions or malfunctions that may result in high repair costs. As Top Roasters Premium Coffee's Technical Service team, we have prepared an #espresso and #filter #coffee machine cleaning guide that includes detailed information that will help you prolong the life of your machines and enable you to buy better quality coffee. So how can we make our machines more efficient? Here are a few simple solution suggestions for the questions we receive most frequently:

Espresso Machine Maintenance;

Regular maintenance of espresso machines after every 30,000 coffees and annually will prolong the life of your machine and ensure that you get quality and delicious coffee every time. Apart from this, your espresso machine should be routinely cleaned on a daily basis.

How to clean daily espresso machine?

Place the stopper on the portafilter of your espresso machine, put 1 teaspoon of special cleaning powder inside and insert your portafilter into the portafilter chamber of the machine by turning it left and right a few times. This process will ensure that the seals are cleaned. Then start your machine as if you were taking espresso. Repeat this process 7 or 8 times. After the process is completed, remove the portafilter and run your machine again 7 or 8 times.

When the portafilter is not installed in your machine, thoroughly brush the #portafilter chamber of your machine with a hard-haired brush with a curved tip and start your machine again.

Meanwhile, you can descale your portafilter and its internal parts by keeping them in water to which lime remover has been added and prevent the formation of limescale. However, we would like to remind you that if the handle part of your portafilter is wooden or plastic, you should leave it out of the water containing lime remover.

Filter Coffee Machine Maintenance;

Weekly maintenance for your filter coffee machine will be ideal for you to use your machine at full performance for a longer time.

How to clean a filter coffee machine?

The filter coffee machine cleaning product must be a tablet. When the paper filter and coffee chamber of your machine is empty (without filter paper and coffee), you need to put 1 tablet into the chamber. Meanwhile, you need to place a clean container in the area where the brewed coffee is spilled. Start your machine as if you were brewing coffee and pour the water containing the cleaning agent poured into the filter coffee machine into the water reservoir of the filter coffee machine. Then, put clean drinking water into your filter coffee machine and run it 4 or 5 times, constantly changing the water, as if you were brewing coffee. After making sure that your machine is thoroughly cleaned of the cleaning product, you can proceed with your routine coffee brewing operations.

If your filter coffee machine draws the brewing water from the automatic purification system depending on the purification system, you must give it to the company you bought the filter coffee machine from for routine maintenance every 6 months and 1 year. You should not do the manual cleaning yourself.

In addition, it is a very sensitive issue that the water used in all coffee machines is not limed or mains water. For this reason, the water reaching the machine must be connected to a purification system. Machines that are calcified or damaged by water are not covered by the warranty. In order to avoid problems with the devices connected to the purification system, the maintenance and filter replacement of your purification device must be done regularly.

To get more detailed information about your machine maintenance and cleaning products suitable for your machine, you can contact our technical service team by filling out the contact form.


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