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Coffee Generations

2.5 billion #cups of #coffee are consumed every day around the world. Due to the caffeine it contains, coffee is a good solution against problems that occur due to many reasons such as insomnia and low energy during the day. It is known that coffee has passed through many phases until today. These phases are called "Coffee Generation Current".

So what are the generations of coffee?

What happened to the 3rd generation coffee that is valid today?

1st Generation Coffee;

The 1st Generation Coffee Period covers the period when coffee, which has a history of 5 centuries, entered our lives. At the beginning of the 1900s, the 1st Generation Coffee Period begins with water-soluble coffees. In the first generation period, coffee was bought, sold, bought and consumed. The big breakthrough in coffee in the 1st Generation Coffee Era was made by R.W Hills and Austin. When they came up with the idea of ​​selling coffee by putting it in vacuum bags, the story of the coffee in our homes began. In this way, the coffee could preserve its freshness and aroma more.

Increasing demands for coffee brought some problems with it. In order for coffee to dissolve quickly in water, it was started to be prepared with chemicals and even to be produced from coffee-like plants. Coffee-flavored beverages have emerged that have nothing to do with coffee.

1st Generation Coffee saves time as it is prepared quickly. However, since it dissolves quickly in water, the amount of caffeine it contains is low.

2nd Generation Coffee;

2nd Generation Coffee started to be produced from higher quality beans than 1st Generation coffee. In this period, it started to be produced in cold brewed coffees along with #espresso, #cappucino, #latte. It is possible to say that the 2nd Generation Coffee Era started with chain coffee companies. Firms that claim that coffee can be enjoyed more and it will be possible to socialize with coffee still maintain their existence today. The quality of places selling 2nd Generation Coffee can be evaluated by trial and error method. In addition to wholesale sales, retail sales are also available.

3rd Generation Coffee;

It is the period that especially the Z Generation has not let go of his tongue in recent times, and coffee has become a culture with pleasure. The region where the coffee is grown, the type of bean, its roasting rate, its acidity, its aroma, the amount of caffeine it contains, the date, the equipment it is brewed with and its hardness are of great importance. 3rd Generation Coffee is very important for both the producer and the consumer. In addition, 3rd Generation Coffee has caused the birth of the "#barista" profession due to many terms and technical knowledge it contains.

3rd Generation Coffee is much healthier than the other two streams. The coffee used is completely natural coffee and offers the opportunity to get the most flavor from the coffee.

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