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Local Coffees; Brazil

Brazilian Coffee is the coffee that is among the favorite coffees of coffee lovers and distinguishes it from others with its unique smell, aroma and consistency. It is easily separated from the others as a core.

The discovery of Brazilian coffee is based on a smuggling rumor. In 1727, the Portuguese were in an intense search to add #coffee to their market. But due to the strict rules of the Governor, he cannot cross the border. Portuguese Lieutenant Francisco de Melo Palheta came up with an ingenious solution to this problem. He placed coffee seeds in a bouquet of flowers made by the Governor's wife, so coffee seeds entered #Brazil for the first time.

Coffee, a beverage consumed by European Colonists for many years, began to experience its golden age in the 1800s when it gained momentum in the market. It met 30% of the coffee need in the world market. In 1910, it started to meet 80% of it.

Spread across seven major states and fourteen coffee regions, Brazilian coffee is used in both traditional and experimental coffee production.

It has low acidity and contains sweetness due to its intense caramel chocolate flavor.

Due to its creamy texture, it is more preferred in coffees that require presentation.


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