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Local Coffees; Ethiopia

#Ethiopian coffees have a special place in local coffees. Although it is possible to find varieties of Ethiopian coffee in coffee shops, websites and coffee shops, if the quality of the coffee bean is important to you, you should buy it from certain places.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, apart from where the coffee beans are grown. The story of coffee, discovered by a shepherd with the increased energy in his goats, takes place in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. Although this story remains a rumor, it is known that monks consumed coffee fruit in 800 AD, but it was in the 1500s that coffee became a beverage.

Coffee, which was collected in the forests at first, started to be cultivated in private areas with the increase in demand. Today it is supplied from the Gesha forest and by small businesses. Domestic consumption of Ethiopian coffee is more than export.

The Ethiopian core falls into three categories. These categories, known as longberry, shortberry and mocha, differ among themselves.

Longberry-It is the most valuable kernel with the highest quality rate.

Shortberry- It has smaller dimensions than Longberry and stands for high grade #kernel.

Mocha- It is also among the valuable seeds, but it comes to the fore with its mixed notes.

Processing- Presented washed and natural.

Flavor- It has medium bodied notes. It has low or medium acidity. It has aromas of blueberry, citrus, chocolate and blackberry.

Harvest takes place between November and February.


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