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Local Coffees; Kenya

One of the most consumed coffees in coffee shops is the coffee made from Kenyan beans. Why is the #Kenya seed, which is the first choice of most people with its aroma and smell, so loved? Let's find the answer to this question together.

The story of the Kenyan core dates back to the colonial years. British missionaries brought Brazilian coffee to Kenya in 1893, and the first step was taken for a hot beverage that is loved and consumed. At that time, #coffee was a very popular drink in Europe.

In the same year, coffee met the ground, but it was taken out of independent production before the first harvest could be taken. They monopolized the production of high-quality beans by not investing in low-quality beans while taking control of the high-quality beans.

Thanks to the reforms realized, #farmers have become more independent and Kenyan coffee has increased its reputation and managed to survive to the present day and still be one of the most preferred coffees.

Kenyan beans grow in the volcanic soils of the highlands at an altitude of 1400-2000 meters above sea level. This situation is directly proportional to the acidity level. It makes it more aromatic and acidity more pronounced. It has a wide flavor portfolio with Kenyan seeds, mulberry, citrus, black pepper, watermelon, lemon and bergamot flavors. It is very suitable for 3rd generation brewing techniques (chemex, v60 Dripper, French Press).


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