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Filter Coffee Machine Usage

The most delicious excuse for rewarding ourselves and taking a break from intense tempo is one of the coffee types with the highest #filter #coffee consumption. The fact that it is clear and has a soft drink ensures that its lovers are increasing day by day.

So how to make a delicious filter coffee?

Filter coffee is one of the coffees that is not difficult to make after knowing the right proportion.

First of all, you need to be sure of the quality of the coffee you buy and that it is roasted correctly. In this regard, you can directly prefer the filter coffees of Top Roasters.

The second step is to fill the water tank of your coffee machine. Since tap water is chalky, you should be careful to use medium hard water.

In the third step, place the coffee filter in your machine.

The fourth step is very important. Add 16 g of ground coffee per cup into the reservoir.

Makinenizin saat özelliği varsa istediğiniz süreyi ayarlayınız.

Artık filtre kahvenizi istediğiniz gibi tüketebilirsiniz.


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