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What is French Press? How to use?

Filter coffee is the most consumed type of coffee during the day. Filter coffee is among the indispensables of many people with its soft drink and smoothness. To make filter coffee at home, you need a quality french press.

It is possible to find many types of french press.

Small French Press - suitable for those who say "three or four cups are enough for me".

Large French Press- "It is suitable for large groups, those who want eight to twelve cups of #coffee.

Metal French Press- Very suitable for heat insulation and very durable

Electric French Press- Heats the coffee water, brews the coffee and keeps it warm. It is a suitable product for those who say "always have my coffee ready".

How to use the french press?

First of all, warm up your #french #press.

Add as many cups of coffee as you want, so that one cup of coffee is 20 gr.

Add water in a one-to-one ratio, lower the press part to half of the reservoir and let it brew for four minutes.

Your #coffee will be ready for consumption after four minutes.


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