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Why Is Coffee Served With Water?

When it comes to coffee traditions, not many people know the answers to pretty simple questions. In movies and near coffee shops, we see people drinking a #coffee with water. However, only a few can provide information about the origins of this tradition.

This tradition is believed to have first appeared in ancient Greece. Historians claim that Turkish-brewed coffee was first served with cold water. Such a "gesture" was made so that the coffee drinker had the opportunity to cool off and refresh himself.

An interesting fact: Turks themselves became interested in this coffee tradition after a while. 10 years later, they started serving hot drinks with a glass of cold water in Turkey. Much later, the tradition spread to Europe. Traditionally, this situation started from Vienna. Therefore, it was Viennese coffee that began to be served with cold water.

It is no less interesting that coffee served with water in the South and in Europe is drunk a little differently. Residents of the European continent prefer to alternately sip either hot coffee or cold water. But in the south, they drink water after the glass is empty with a scented beverage.

What effect does the combination of coffee and water have:

Brilliant taste. Drinking water clears your taste buds. Thanks to this trick, each subsequent sip of coffee will remain as rich and delicious as the previous one.

It is beneficial for health. You can control your blood pressure. It's no secret that caffeine can cause fluctuations in blood pressure. But each sip of water allows you to slightly weaken the effect of caffeine, normalizes heart rate and pressure.

White teeth. Coffee is a common cause of yellow plaque teeth. Water helps prevent staining of tooth enamel. If you have an important meeting after drinking coffee, you should make it a rule to take a sip of water after each cup of coffee.

What is the best water to drink?

Most often, coffee is served with cold distilled water. But there are several variations. For example, lemon juice is added to water. You can also drink an invigorating drink with mineral water. The choice depends only on your taste.


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