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Why Does Coffee Cup Volume Matter?

Coffee is an absolutely noble drink, it is not enough just to be prepared, it also requires adherence to the appropriate “frame”. Everything is important in this: the material of the glass, its design and, of course, its volume. All this applies to coffee etiquette that will help you enjoy your perfect coffee drinking ritual every day.

In today's article, we will tell you how much volume a coffee cup should have. And why certain sizes should be used to serve one or another type of coffee-based beverage.

The volume of the coffee cup: pay attention to the type of coffee

All available coffee pots differ in their purpose. So it's no surprise that there's a cup for every popular coffee recipe.

Espresso cups

This type of classic, reference coffee requires a special attitude. Very small cups are used for its use. As a rule, these are small cups, the volume of which varies between 30-45 ml.

Why choose this size cups?

This recommendation should be followed to preserve the taste and aroma of traditional espresso as much as possible. Coffee according to this recipe should be made in small portions. It is also necessary to ensure that it maintains the temperature as long as possible.

It is useful to know this: in modern coffee shops in our country, you can increasingly find espresso served in cups with a capacity of 90 ml. This allows business owners to save money on purchasing coffee pots. After all, other types of espresso can be served in a cup of this volume. For example, lungo or ristretto.

Good to know: Some oriental coffee recipes have a very distinct power. That is why for them it is recommended to use ceramic or porcelain containers with a volume of 50 ml.

Cappuccino cup selection

This type of coffee is prepared with plenty of milk and plenty of milk foam. Therefore, it is necessary to use a much larger cup than espresso or other coffees.

Therefore, the standard volume of a cappuccino glass is 170-220 ml. After all, regarding cappuccino, coffee etiquette says: part of the drink should be flush with the rim of the glass or even slightly protruding beyond it.

Why is this size ideal for cappuccino?

The classic variation of the drink is prepared on the basis of espresso and milk (in a ratio of 1 to 2). Do not forget that the drink has a high foam, which also requires a lot of space. Among other things, in such a cup you can serve lungo or espresso with the addition of cream. Therefore, this version of the coffee cup can be called almost universal.

Americano cup size specifications

Highly diluted espresso has a volume of 180 to 200 ml. And most often during the day they collect dishes, the capacity of which varies between 200-220 ml. In some establishments, it is quite common for a barista to pour an Americano into a cappuccino glass.

Why such a volume? Traditionally, the volume of highly diluted espresso is 180 ml. But it is believed that the surface of the Americano should not reach the edges. That's why experts pour the drink into a larger glass.

Latte cup

The peculiarity of such a drink lies in a large amount of liquid. To prepare a classic latte, at least 150 ml of milk is required. Therefore, the cup volume for this coffee drink should be much larger. As a rule, the drink is served in glasses with a volume of 220 to 300 ml. However, 360 ml option is also available.

What should a Frappuccino glass be?

This coffee cocktail has one of the largest volumes. Therefore, barista etiquette says that it should be poured into dishes, the capacity of which starts from 350 ml. It is known that a large portion of frappuccino can reach half a liter. The volume of such coffee should be as large as possible.

Attention: Frappuccino is considered more of a coffee dessert, so you should use special dessert glasses to serve it.

Tip: If you choose a cup for alternative coffee brewing.

Selection of coffee cups for home, office and cafe

In this case, you should pay attention to containers with a volume of 170-200 ml. For most traditional beverage options, this volume will be more than enough. Also, this type of container is ideal for drinking coffee in a coffee pot.

For the office, it is recommended to choose a glass with a universal capacity of 150-170 ml. By the way, psychologists recommend choosing a neutral color scheme for office coffee cups.

Coffee cup selection

Experts recommend taking three types of glasses at once:

70-90 ml - for espresso and drinks prepared on the basis;

180-220 - for American and classic cappuccino;

280-360 - for latte and frappe.

It is recommended to buy all assortment of glasses from the same manufacturer. The uniformity of dishes will emphasize the style of the establishment. Also, remember that you can save money by getting discounts on bulk purchases.

For which drink do you need glasses?

Strong coffee. It is believed that the stronger the drink, the smaller the dishes should be. If you prefer this type of coffee drink, you can use 100 ml cups.

We recommend that you stop by.

Coffee drinks. If you drink coffee in large quantities or prefer to dilute it with dairy products or any kind of sauce, you should pay attention to coffee cups with a volume of 200-300 ml.

Remember: it is better to buy a product with thick walls. Although thin-walled porcelain cups look nice, they don't keep your drink hot.

Choosing a coffee couple

If you decide to buy a coffee pair, you have to make a difficult choice. They are published regularly and in large volume, so it can be difficult to decide on the required, appropriate volume.

It is recommended to follow a few rules when choosing a coffee pair:

Small cups with a volume of up to 90 ml are recommended for those who love to make and know how to make.

180-220 ml cups are considered ideal for those who like to drink a lot of coffee. Or he prefers to add dairy products to the drink.

A volume of 150-170 ml has long been considered universal. After all, it is suitable for coffee prepared according to any recipe. By the way, this version of the cup is considered an excellent gift for a person whose tastes you know little or hardly know.

Remember that choosing the volume of a coffee cup is a purely personal matter. However, with a few tips, you can buy coffee utensils not only for yourself, but also as a gift.


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