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What Is Geisha Coffee?

Perhaps on some occasions you have heard baristas or another coffee connoisseur talk about the Geisha variety. In this article we will tell you about this exotic and fascinating coffee.

Geisha is an Ethiopian coffee variety of the Arabica strain, which was originally grown productively in Panama, where its potential was discovered. But for this to happen, a series of events had to happen:

A cross-oceanic voyage from the Geisha region of southwestern Ethiopia (Africa) to the territory of Costa Rica by the Center for Agricultural Research and Higher Education, CATIE, in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Pachi Sarracín, a Panamanian Coffee Grower, who brings Geisha seeds to Panama and distributes them to his hometown.

Geisha spent 41 years undetected among other coffee varieties in Panama.

Out of curiosity or a desire to research, Daniel Peterson decided to treat each variety separately in his Finca la Esmeralda and rediscovered the variety Geisha.

Today, it is known that many Latin American countries, including Colombia, have advanced processes with this diversity. Even very high quality Colombian Geishas are recognized nationally and internationally in different Tasting and Barista competitions.


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