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What Gives Coffee Its Aroma?

Colombian coffee is recognized by experts as one of the best soft coffees in the world. The taste of #Colombian coffee is the result of many factors, including the type and variety of the plant, the environment in which it is grown, and the way the grain is processed, among others. So what exactly is the process that evokes the characteristic features of the aroma in coffee? And how are the different flavors obtained in coffee according to the process? We hope this short note will help you better understand what's behind our favorite beverage.

Deciphering the taste of coffee

When we talk about the softness in the taste of coffee, we refer to the level of acidity, among other factors; It's nothing more or less than the sensation you feel on the corners of the tongue when drinking coffee and associate it with the feeling we get when we consume fruit like lemons or oranges.

When it comes to the taste of coffee, we are also talking about "notes". These are the associations our brain makes about smell and other tastes that we store in our palate memory. So when we talk about coffee with chocolate, vanilla or caramel notes, it means that our brains find certain similarities with these flavors in coffee.

Colombian coffee is perfectly mild, but different intensities of flavors can be achieved depending on the processing it is subjected to. For example, with regard to roasting, there is clear roasting with a mild flavor; there is also a medium roast that produces a balanced flavor; In order to obtain a flavor dominated by bitterness and bitterness, #coffee is subjected to dark roasting.

When considering the taste of coffee, it is also important to mention its smell and aroma. We understand odor as the way we perceive the smell of unbrewed coffee, while aroma is the smell that comes out when the coffee is already brewed. Coffee is so rich in sense of smell that more than 800 aromatic compounds have been identified in it!

Every step of the coffee process is vital to obtaining the best possible flavor. Our responsibility as an industry is to maintain excellence in every little step, from the care of seeds and soil, the growing process, and the picking and selection of fruits.

We can also make suggestions for its preparation and storage, such as using an adequate coffee/water ratio, never overheating the coffee, and keeping the packaging tightly closed in an airtight and dry environment.


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