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The Discovery Story of Coffee

It is known that the discovery of coffee took place between the years 800 and 1000.

According to legend, the goatherd Kaldi noticed a difference in his goats while grazing them.

After the goats eat the fruits of a tree there, they become more cheerful and lively, and they do not want to sleep much at night.

After realizing this situation, Kaldi collects fruits from this tree and knocks on the door of the nearby Sufi dervish to tell about his discovery.

Listening to the effect of coffee beans on goats, the Sufi dervish does not approve of this situation at first and throws the coffee beans into the wood fire.

Coffee beans thrown into the fire begin to roast and the unique smell of the coffee aroma we know spreads around.

The smell of the emanating coffee aroma inspires Shepherd Kaldi and the Sufi dervish and they begin to prepare a beautiful drink from coffee beans.

These fire-roasted beans are ground in a bowl and boiled in water for a while to release their essence completely, and this is how coffee was discovered.


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