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The Best Filters for AeroPress

We all agree that the AeroPress offers near-perfect value when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee at home and anywhere. What if we told you that you can make your coffee even better? Did we get your attention?

We all have different coffee preferences; Some prefer a fuller cup, some prefer bitter coffee, and some enjoy a slightly more acidic brew.

The problem is that the #AeroPress out of the paper filter box doesn't offer an easy way to adjust your brewed coffee to your liking.

However, all that is about to change. By shopping and investing in aftermarket #AeroPress filters, you can upgrade your canned standard AeroPress coffee maker and adjust your brew with ease.

In this article, we have compiled for you the best filters for AeroPress that we could find. The task was quite difficult with the large number of filters on the market. But in our opinion, these are the best of the bunch we've found for you.

Different AeroPress Coffee Filter Types

Aftermarket AeroPress filters come in three main types: paper, metal, fabric, and pressure.

Each filter will have pros and cons, depending on your taste preference and the amount of cleaning you want to do.

Let's take a closer look.

Paper: The paper filter you will be familiar with as it is supplied with the AeroPress.

They work well and filter out sediment and coffee oils - your final brew will be crisp, clear and less acidic and full of body compared to some of the other filters. When you're done, you can throw the coffee grounds into the compost.

Metal: The reusable metal AeroPress filter is almost the opposite of the paper variety.

You can expect a slightly more “muddy” cup and a noticeable amount of coffee oil to pass through the filter. Switching to the metal filter will make a coffee that is more compatible with the #French #Press style coffee.

Cloth: Cloth filters are in the middle between paper and metal filters.

Compared to metal filters, the cloth type does a better job of filtering your coffee but allows more oil to flow into your cup. If you prefer a cleaner coffee cup but still want a fuller cup, a cloth filter is a great choice.

Pressurized: A new type of AeroPress filter gaining popularity is the pressurized variety.

This new filter allows you to transform your standard AeroPress into something that can brew coffee more in line with traditional espresso.

The best filter for the AeroPress in this category typically comes with a reusable metal filter, a spare screw cap, and some sort of valve system through which the pressurized coffee is passed.

5 Best AeroPress Coffee Filters

Below we have selected the five best filters for AeroPress that we think deserve your attention. Depending on your preferred coffee preference, there is a lower filter suitable for your needs.

Genuine AeroPress Paper Filters

There's nothing wrong with the regular paper filters that come with the AeroPress; they do an excellent job. They usually come in packs of 350 pieces.

You want to stick with something you are familiar with. But why not step out of your comfort zone and try one of the other AeroPress filter suggestions? You may be surprised at the results they produce.

Slim and Standard Set

If you want to try metal AeroPress filters, the brew discs are some of the best you can find; These are pretty much the gold standard when it comes to aftermarket AeroPress filters.

The build quality of the filter series is excellent, and each filter is designed for the AeroPress and is made from a single piece of stainless steel.

Unlike other options on the market, it prefers the less durable mesh filter that eventually bends or comes loose. It is much more durable by comparison and each filter disc is manufactured from a single piece of steel.

This design makes the filter smooth with no visible burrs and features a shallow profile design that is almost as thin as paper.

Friendly Prismo Plugin for AeroPress

Do you enjoy a more espresso-style coffee? AeroPress can pretty much do this with its Prismo plugin and filter.

What sets this product apart from all the other AeroPress filters on the list is the one-way pressure-operated valve that increases the brewing pressure.

The nice thing is that the pressure valve stays closed until you press the plunger, allowing you to brew the coffee for longer than you normally would.

Combined with a reusable metal filter, the valve helps create a more #espresso-like flavor profile that you can't get with a standard AeroPress setup.

Cotton Fabric AeroPress Filter Disc

If the coffee residue left at the bottom of your cup is not something you like, the AeroPress cloth filter may be a good filter for you.

The cloth filter produces a richer, fuller cup of coffee without the fine sediment entering your cup, causing metal filters to often pass.

Unlike the paper filter, the cloth coffee filter for the AeroPress allows more oil to pass through. coffee oils flavor It is pure and unfiltered and when it comes to your cup, you will see an instant difference in the taste of your coffee.

It is also worth noting that the cloth filter is reusable; just wash it well, let it dry and you're ready.

This is the best reusable AeroPress filter for those looking for the most environmentally friendly product.

Vegan Unbleached Natural Filters

If you prefer to stick with your paper filters but want a more eco-friendly option, look no further than vegan unbleached natural filters.

Paper filters are a great alternative to regular white AeroPress filters and are completely chlorine free and biodegradable!

We noticed that the coffee drains through this filter a little faster than with regular bleached white filters. However, while saying this, we did not feel any change in the taste of our coffee and there was no residue at the bottom of our cup.

The texture of the paper used to manufacture these filters is very similar to crepe paper, they are thick and tough, and you can actually wash them with water and reuse them as many times as you want.


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