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Secrets of Making Delicious Coffee During Camping

It sounds great to meet the daylight in nature with a cup of hot #camp coffee in the morning, doesn't it?

A good #coffee while camping takes some preparation and you may need to bring a few tools with you.

There are many different ways to prepare your daily coffee, depending on how much time you want to spend brewing coffee and how much load you want to add to your backpack.

Making camping coffee using the cowboy method is ideal for those who want to camp with less supplies.

Time Required: ~4 Minutes

Required Ingredients: Coffee grounds, Hot water

It is a simple way to brew coffee using limited resources. All you need is some kind of container (usually a coffee pot or kettle) that you can place over a campfire or camp stove.

To make coffee with the cowboy brewing method, you must first boil water in the kettle. Next, let the water cool for about 360 seconds.

Next, add the coffee grounds and mix. You will hear a sizzling sound when the coffee grounds come into contact with water, and you may even notice some foam.

Let the coffee sit for a minute or two. Mix again and let it rest for another minute.

When the coffee grounds settle to the bottom of your kettle, pour the coffee slowly into your coffee cup and enjoy.

Use a Coffee Brewing Bag

Time Required: ~4 Minutes

Things Needed: Coffee bag (basket coffee filter, coffee grounds, butcher's string), Kettle, Water

Coffee bags are an easy and quick way to meet your coffee needs at camp.

You can buy it in a store or make it yourself at home. You just need to drop these bags into boiling water and let it brew for a few minutes to infuse.

They save space and require less effort to clean.

If you plan to use this method for brewing coffee, you can make your own coffee bag by buying a regular basket coffee filter and laying it flat. Fill the filter with a large scoop of ground coffee. Tie the filter tightly using a butcher's string. Leave some twine so you have a tail to hold, then cut off the excess filter.

Boil the water on the stove or over the fire to brew with your coffee bag. Put the coffee bag in hot water and let it brew for one to three minutes. Remove the coffee bag and drink your fresh camp coffee.

The AeroPress Is A Great Camping Coffee Maker

Time Required: ~3 Minutes

Things Needed: AeroPress, Kettle, Water, Coffee grounds

The AeroPress is a combination of a brew and a French press. Using this brewing method you can get an American style coffee or even a shot of espresso!

Add two spoonfuls of coffee to the larger tube of your AeroPress container. Wet the coffee grounds and let it bloom for half a minute. Add hot water until the reservoir is full. Stir the coffee grounds using a spoon. Insert the plunger into the chamber and then press down gently. You can add water to taste.

Use a sturdy mug if you plan to use the AeroPress to prevent it from tipping when you start pushing down.

Make Extra Strong Moka Pot Coffee

Time Required: ~8 Minutes

Necessary Things: Stovetop espresso machine ( moka pot ), coffee grounds, water

Stovetop espresso machines, also known as "moka pots," produce rich and strong brewed coffee. This method is also a popular European tradition.

To brew coffee using the Moka pot method, it is sufficient to fill the lower chamber with water and the middle chamber with coffee. Then you should place the serving jug on top.

When the water boils, you will notice that the coffee essence has risen into the serving bowl. After the process is finished, you can consume your delicious coffee.

Make French Press Coffee

Time Required: ~4 Minutes

Necessary Things: French press, Kettle, Coffee grounds, water

French coffee machines come with durable materials. They can be double-walled plastic or stainless steel, ideal for camping.

The french press is especially ideal for travel brews as it has a built-in gram scale and timer, so you don't need extra tools to measure coffee or track steep time.

When making coffee, you need to brew a glass of water for a scoop of ground coffee. Let the boiling water cool for half a minute.

While you wait for your coffee to bloom, pour half the water into the press. After a minute, pour off the remaining water. Let it brew for a few minutes.

If you want your coffee to be stronger, let it brew for more than 3 minutes. Then lightly depress the French Press plunger. Then pour your coffee and enjoy.


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