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Salt in coffee

Salt in coffee? This may seem a little strange at first. In fact, more and more studies and reports are emerging that a pinch of salt in coffee can work wonders.

Is #coffee sometimes too bitter for you, or is your morning coffee with milk and sugar just not that good for you? Then a pinch of salt can do wonders. Supposedly the salt was supposed to soften the sour-bitter taste of the coffee. Many are familiar with the effect of salt as it accentuates other flavors such as sweet, sour or umami. In the case of bitter taste, it has the opposite effect and "overwrites" bitter substances by neutralizing them. In addition, it is primarily effective against unpleasant acids formed in coffee in conjunction with milk. These are masked by the salt to taste.

Why does coffee taste bitter?

But why can the coffee you love suddenly have a bitter taste? There may be different reasons:

Caffeine: The higher the caffeine content in coffee, the stronger the bitter taste.

Lime: Limescale deposits in the machine can also change the taste.

Roasting degree: The darker a bean, the more bitter it is usually. Lighter beans contain more acid.

Grinding degree: Very finely ground coffee has a larger surface, so more bitter substances can be dissolved in water.

How much salt should there be?

There are several ways to refine your coffee with salt. The simplest is to replace the milk and sugar with a pinch of salt. The sweetness of the milk and sugar should balance the bitter taste of the coffee. Unfortunately, this also masks the beautiful aromas of coffee. Salt accentuates these flavors and removes the bitter taste. However, even a small amount is enough to achieve the desired result..


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