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Problems with First Taken Coffee from the Machine

In all coffee machines, the first cup differs significantly from all subsequent cups. Sometimes the temperature difference is 3-4 degrees and this is a strong change for making #coffee. It significantly affects digestion and taste.

Why is the first cup of coffee almost always colder than the others? The answer lies in the technical characteristics of coffee machines. The hydraulic system of the machine consists of different units: a box with water, a pump, a boiler, a brewing unit, a delivery vehicle. All of them are interconnected by silicone and teflon tubes. During primary heating, the temperature rises only in the boiler. After a small spill from rinsing the coffee machine, the temperature rises slightly in both the charger and the dispenser. But unfortunately this is not enough to bring the coffee machine to normal temperature conditions. On most machines, the brew unit (where freshly ground coffee and heated water meet) is a fairly large plastic assembly and requires a large volume of hot water to fully heat it up. It is clear that the micro-leakage of the machine during rinsing is not enough.

Interestingly, many coffee machine manufacturers are trying to improve their machines by introducing various technologies to achieve a tastier cup: pre-soak, pulse extraction, additional grinding levels, etc. . In order to get a well-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, we can recommend that you do not consume the first cup.


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