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Local Coffees; Colombia

Among the #coffee beans, the most well-known bean is #Colombia. Even those who are not good with coffee are aware of Colombian coffee. The history of Colombia, which is consumed quite frequently in Turkey, is very close to today when compared to other coffees. Although the first trade of Colombian coffee beans started in the 1800s, it caught its popularity in the 1900s. Accordingly, in 1927, it became official with the Colombian National Coffee Growers Federation. This federation has played an important role in bringing Colombian coffee beans to the present day.

Coffee beans are easy to grow in Colombia, which has the area, fertile soil and climate required for coffee geographically. The coffee bean known as Arabica loves high altitude places and Colombia is well suited for this. Arabica beans grown in Colombia have a more intense aroma and are more delicious. Since its ground state will be of medium hardness, it can be ideal for everyone.


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