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Is It A Good Idea To Add Honey To Coffee Instead Of Sugar?

Of course, adding honey to coffee (instead of sugar or another sweetener) makes the drink more aromatic and brings out its flavor even more. But do not forget that such a drink automatically becomes more useful. Coffee with honey helps prevent colds, strengthen the immune system. Such a drink will always please people who are on a diet and could not please themselves in the morning with a cup of classic coffee with a piece of refined sugar.

Before moving on to traditional honey coffee recipes and varieties, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most important advice for preparing such a special drink.

Attention! Honey should only be added to a drink chilled to 40 degrees. At higher temperatures all the beneficial components of honey evaporate.

Classic honey coffee recipe

Necessary materials:

4 teaspoons of freshly ground coffee beans;

300 ml of cold water;

Liquid honey.

Step by step instruction:

Pour finely ground coffee beans with water.

Put the coffee pot with the ingredients on the fire and bring it to a boil.

Pour the drink into glasses. After the coffee has cooled, add honey to it and mix.

Honey and lemon coffee drink

This is not only a very tasty and aromatic coffee that can cheer you up, but also a truly healing drink. After all, the use of such a honey coffee variety has a positive effect on the body of a person suffering from a cold or migraine. It will also be useful in food poisoning.

Necessary materials:

coffee beans;

100 ml of water;

lemon slice;

Taste honey.

Step-by-step preparation of a healing "potion":

Prepare the coffee with the specified amount of water and coffee.

After brewing, let the drink brew for a few minutes in the coffee pot. After that, strain and cool.

Now it remains to add honey and a slice of lemon to a chilled drink. For a more original taste, you can squeeze some lemon juice into a glass. To make coffee with honey and citrus fruits healthier and undoubtedly delicious, feel free to add a spoonful of Riga balsam or your favorite whiskey, brandy.

Making traditional Spanish coffee with honey

Try this sweet coffee with traditional Spanish latte flavor early in the morning for a quick wake-up call or just in the afternoon during a lunch break.

Necessary materials:

2 cups of strong espresso;

half a glass of milk;

¼ cup of liquid honey (if you only have candied honey, you must first melt it in a water bath);

1 cinnamon stick;

¼ vanilla stick.

Step by step recipe:

Let's make coffee first. Pour ground coffee into the cezve, pour in water. We prepare a classic version of the drink.

Then we mix milk, instant coffee, vanilla and cinnamon in a separate bowl.

We prepare the drink, do not let it boil.

Then you should remove the spices from the coffee with milk, add honey to taste.

Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

There is also a more traditional cooking option:

We prepare classic strong coffee. Add cinnamon powder (no more than a quarter teaspoon) and honey on it.

We heat the milk to 60 degrees and whisk in a French Press.

Pour the spicy flavored coffee into a mug or mug. Add sweet milk foam.


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