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How to Grind Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is the perfect way to enjoy freshly ground coffee with a smooth, chilled beverage. Ideal for sipping during the warmer months.

Simply put, cold brew coffee does exactly what it says on the description. It yields a coffee brewed with cold water instead of regular hot water. This gives a very refreshing and sweet flavored result.

You might think these iced coffees are only made by cafe baristas, but you can create your own delicious cold drink at home using simple methods and affordable equipment.

How about the cold brew method?

There are several ways to make cold brew coffee, but it is usually made by steeping ground coffee in cold water for several hours. Cold Brew brewing allows you to prepare large quantities of iced coffee and store it in the refrigerator at home.

The AeroPress uses the power of gravity to pull the ice water from the coffee grounds, making it ideal for getting that freshly chilled coffee on the go.

How should the bean of Cold Brew coffee be ground?

The ideal grind size for cold brew is between coarse and medium ground coffee. You're looking for a fairly coarse grinding result that feels like coarse sea salt in your hand. This provides enough surface area for the coffee to brew gently and slowly in cold water, resulting in a sweet, light flavor and a smooth finish.

Always grind your beans fresh, using the amount you need for the volume of coffee you want and flavor strength. This allows you to get the most aromatic and delicious cold brew coffee.

Then let your coffee brew and serve and enjoy.


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