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How to Clean a Coffee Grinder – A Comprehensive Guide

Like other equipment, coffee grinders require maintenance. However, the process is quite simple and does not take much of your time. Also, you will probably find the necessary materials to clean your coffee grinders in your kitchen. This post works as a definitive guide to cleaning a coffee grinder. Read on to enjoy sipping these beautiful glasses without interruption!

Why is Cleaning of Coffee Mills Important?

Simply put, you need to clean your coffee grinder periodically to increase its durability and efficiency. Unlike your kitchen sponge, grinders may not be stinky and disgusting, but they will definitely affect the quality of your brews. Remnants of old coffee beans, like oils and residue, spoil the taste of fresh coffee beans, which can shatter your dreams of enjoying the perfect cup to satisfy your unreasonable coffee cravings.

How Often Is Cleaning Required?

Depends on how intense your love for coffee is! The more you like to spend time with a cup of coffee, the more grinder will be used. However, when you notice buildup, it's a sign to plan a cleanup right away.

Ideally, you should clean your grinder at least once every two weeks. For those who think they are addicted to coffee, cleaning should be done once a week. Should you find a new roast or different beans, pre-cleaning the grinder will ensure you produce cups with a pristine and undamaged flavor profile.

Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder - Best Practices

Now that you know why and when you should clean your coffee grinders, it's time to answer the most important question of how to clean it. Let's dig deeper and find out!

One of the easiest ways to clean your coffee grinders is to grind substances with good absorption potential without leaving any of their own. Such objects are quite present in our daily life, but when it comes to cleaning your grinder, they are indistinguishable from a knight in shiny armor. You might consider a slice of white bread, sugar, kosher salt, or even instant white rice. Once you are ready for any of these, the steps outlined below will be followed –

Remove excess soil from the grinder

Choose any of the above-mentioned ingredients and mash well until it turns into powder.

Remove the dirty dust and of course pour

Unplug the grinder, take a dry paper towel and wipe it well.

When you're done, take a damp towel to wipe it off and then a dry towel again.

Leave the grinder open without the lid to allow it to air dry

Please! Your grinder is clean and ready to deliver mind-blowing spills. But if you still notice some residue, you can get rid of the mess completely by repeating the same process.

Continue! Are you an enthusiast and upgraded to burr grinders? Well, in this case, the process is slightly different. Let's check it out!

Cleaning Burr Grinders - Requires Some Extra Effort

The grinding process of these grinders is different than those with blades; Therefore, the maintenance processes are also different. Regardless of the model you are using, the general technique for cleaning burr grinders remains the same. Take a look at the steps outlined below and you'll be ready to get your burr grinder free of residue.

Unplug the grinder to start the cleaning process.

Remove the hopper and the grinding chamber. Clean both components by hand with a lint-free cloth to completely remove oil build-up and coffee grounds.

In case the oil residue is commonplace, consider using a mild soap with warm water to clean it. It is important to rinse immediately after cleaning to avoid soapy aromas. Also, properly dry these components before placing them back in the grinder to prevent corrosion.

Now it's time to remove the outer burr. To do this, turn it slightly and it will lift from the grinder. Leave the inner burrs in place as they are quite difficult to remove.

Use a toothpick, brush, vacuum cleaner and a lint-free cloth to thoroughly clean both burrs to get rid of coffee particles, dust spots and grease. Make sure to clean every possible corner.

When you're done, reassemble your grinder and prepare it for light grinding.

Take about 10-15 grams of coffee and grind it well.

And we're not done yet! If you are using a manual coffee grinder, the cleaning methodology will again be different.

When you can start enjoying countless cups with your friends and family, the question of what's the point of grinding such a small amount of coffee after cleaning may tickle your mind. Well, there are two reasons attached to the process.

One is to ensure proper calibration and the other is to develop a thin coating of coffee oil. Of course, excessive oil build-up is not good, but a thin coating of coffee oil protects the grinder from oxidation and rust. Now, the burr grinderz is ready to rock!

Cleaning a Manual Coffee Grinder – It's Simple!

Cleaning manual grinders is a fairly simple task. All you have to do is take the grinder apart, use a brush to clean the floor and you're done! Quality manual grinders are 100% detachable allowing you to thoroughly clean every surface


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