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How can you fix yourself with coffee?

Coffee is found in almost every culture in the world and has been the foundation of societies for centuries.

Starting to love coffee is a simple yet complex task and something that doesn't happen overnight.

Start with half strong coffee. The more you dilute your cup, the less intense the coffee flavors will be.

Add some sugar or syrup to further dampen the flavors.

Don't jump into black coffee right away, try a milk-based drink like a latte, cappuccino or mocha for a start.

Of course this takes away from the fine flavors of the coffee inside, but it's fine for first steps. Take the time to adjust and find these flavors to suit your own tastes. Gradually, you will begin to cut out sugar from liking sweet flavors to appreciate coffee more.

The most important step in the journey to love coffee is to choose the right coffee. If the coffee itself sucks, you'll never be able to enjoy your brew.

Shop directly. Find a local roaster. Find companies that deal DIRECTLY with farmers and are honest about their products.

Find companies that value transparency and let them try to educate you about the story of coffee and its journey to reach you. These are the people who care about your journey as much as the coffee's journey and will help you adjust and fine-tune the coffee to your liking. If you're ready to take the next step, we can meet your favorite flavors with dozens of single origins.

You'll never know what you're missing if you don't broaden your horizons.

Be adventurous, be brave. Order a new milk, add a different #syrup, try it without syrup!

A few rules before you start your journey:



Prepare yourself for success. Start enjoying yourself guilt-free and flavor-packed coffee!


Take your time, add sugar, add syrup. No one is judging you on your path, move at your own pace and mix things up when you're ready!

Coffee is not elitist. Coffee is for everyone and should never be seen as a complex beverage. Find the coffee that suits you best, you don't have to give in to the coffee's expectations, the coffee is there to be tailored the way YOU WANT!


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