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Essential Glossary for Baristas

Like many other areas, the coffee world has its own jargon that needs to be learned in order to speak properly. That's why we've put together a small essential glossary that can be useful when talking to baristas or authentic coffee lovers.

Aeropress: A cylindrical single-dose coffee maker with two separate parts that form a type of syringe or plunger.

Americano: An American coffee has the same amount of water as a lungo, but this is added after the espresso is served.

Arabica: A coffee variety native to Ethiopia, characterized by its long grains and more aromatic and smooth on the palate than the resistant variety.

Chemex: Hourglass-shaped filter coffee maker that allows you to craft coffee in an artisanal way.

Cold Brew: It is a cold coffee extraction method.

Cream: Milk emulsion is also called foam, although incorrectly.

Emulsifying: A technique that gives volume and a creamy appearance by mixing milk with steam.

Espresso: A system that consists of preparing a cup of coffee using water under pressure and at the right temperature.

Latte art: Create designs on the surface of espresso with emulsified milk.

Lungo: It is the antithesis of ristretto, an espresso made with more water.

Macchiato: Espresso coffee based on emulsified milk. The name comes from the fact that it is coffee, which stains the milk.

Grinding: Grinding is ground coffee beans. Depending on its thickness, it will be more suitable for different types of processing.

Ristretto: It is prepared with the same amount of coffee as espresso, but with less water, so its aroma is more intense.

Tamper: polished piece of aluminum used to manually press ground coffee.


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