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Enjoying Coffee with Your Children is Possible with Babyccino

While parents are drinking coffee, their children's desire to accompany coffee is quite high. The delicious smell of coffee and the sense of wonder can greatly increase this desire. Enjoying coffee with your children is very easy and healthy thanks to #babyccino.

Babyccino came from Australia and is among the most consumed products in the Netherlands. Babyccino means baby cappuccino. Also known as toddler coffee.

How is Babyccino made?

In the Netherlands, babyccino is becoming more and more common on menus. But you can also easily prepare it at home. You can make endless variations by putting whipped milk in a small cup. For example, you can add edible decorations, fruit flavors or make fun figures with sifted cocoa powder.

Preparation of Babycchino;

1: Whisk the milk until frothy

2: Pour the whipped milk into a stylish coffee mug

3: Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top or pour chocolate into the bottom of the cup first

4: Don't forget to make yourself real coffee

5: Enjoy your coffee moment with your kids


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