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Differences Between French Press and American Press

French Press; It is one of the most practical #coffee brewing equipment. #French #Press, whose real name is “cafetiere”, is used not only for brewing coffee, but also for brewing tea. It appears everywhere with glass, metal and plastic options. The French Press, which was discovered in the 1920s but has a long patent adventure, has a very easy working principle. Coffee and water are added and the plunger is lowered to brew coffee. Thus, the pulp is pressurized and filtered.

American Press; Preferred by those who love more intensely flavored coffee, #American #Press offers a taste close to espresso. Just like the French Press, there are glass, metal and plastic options. American Press, which consists of a chamber and a piston, has a special area in which the coffee can be placed. The flavor of the coffee is more intense because it exerts a resistance to the coffee.

Differences between French Press and American Press;

In French Press, coffee is brewed by giving its aroma slowly, while in American Press there is a system similar to a coffee machine. It makes the coffee brew by applying pressure.

There is a sedimentary appearance in the coffee in the French Press. American Press, on the other hand, has a clearer view.

In French Press, the brewing is passive. It dissolves slowly in water. American Press, on the other hand, has an active brew.

Coffee brewed with French Press is of medium strength. In American Press, it offers an easy-drinking coffee that is lighter than espresso.


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