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Correct Methods for Cooling Hot Coffee

Freshly brewed hot coffee is considered the most aromatic and delicious coffee. But if you want to drink cold, there are many methods in it. We share simple lifehacks and special barista secrets on how best to chill your favorite beverage.

1. Mechanically cool.

The most obvious, not very effective, but sparing option, familiar to all of us since childhood. It will require a metal spoon and some effort. You probably already guessed: you just need to blow on the surface of the drink and at the same time stir with a spoon. Physical laws decide!

2. Putting the Cup in Ice

Put your coffee in a (preferably metal) mug. Place your cup of coffee in a large bowl filled with ice cubes. Cooling passes directly through the walls of the mug. It will not cool quickly but will allow you to quickly cool the beverage to room temperature.

3. Use a cold container.

If your freezer has enough space, put a metal glass in it beforehand. Pour freshly brewed coffee into it and your hot coffee will get cold.

4. Add milk.

It is one of the simplest methods. Add the cooled milk in the refrigerator to your coffee. It helps to lower the coffee temperature quickly and precisely, and also adds extra flavor.

5. Put it in the refrigerator.

Acceptable, but not the best option. Gradually cooling, coffee loses its aroma properties (evaporates) and acquires a pronounced bitterness. However, this is definitely the easiest way and can be used by anyone with a refrigerator.

An important caveat: This method should be used with caution - not every refrigerator is suitable for this type of cooling.

6. Add ice.

Ice is the same water, it will inevitably change the concentration of the drink. To avoid spoiling the taste, brew more concentrated coffee than usual (like 1 teaspoon of ground beans per 100ml of water instead of 200ml of water), pour it into a tall glass and then top it off with plenty of ice.

If you need to chill an espresso you want to make an Americano, professionals recommend using a cocktail shaker: mix the coffee with ice, shake well, and then pour it into a glass. Be sure not to fill the shaker to the brim to avoid excessive pressure inside the bottle as it may be filled with a small burst of coffee.

7. Use a shaker.

There is another way to cool the coffee with a shaker. Similar to the frozen glass option but much more effective. Put a metal shaker in the freezer for at least a few minutes (you can even temporarily fill it with ice). Then take out the freshly brewed coffee and pour it in, then shake the shaker for 20-30 seconds.

8. Add coffee ice.

Now this is a really interesting solution. It will require you to prepare it ahead of time, but you can easily refrigerate the coffee afterwards with minimal loss of flavor. All you have to do is prepare your favorite beverage, strain it and pour it immediately into ice molds (must be heat resistant) while it's hot. Once the cubes have cooled, transfer them to an airtight bag. Now the coffee cooling problem is solved.

9. Discover refrigerator stones.

Another great way for those who are careful not to dilute their coffee with water. Special "stones" (made of steel or steatite) are stored in the freezer, like regular ice. They quickly cool the drink when added to a glass or glass.

10. Cold brew .

An option for those who really care about taste and aroma. The cold brew method is very gentle. Thanks to him, you can get the maximum beneficial properties from coffee and at the same time preserve its taste and aromatic properties as much as possible.


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