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Coffee to Prevent Post-Holiday Syndrome

Are you one of those who think that returning to work is more difficult than usual? Don't worry, we have a solution for you. And it has been discovered that drinking #coffee during work hours can help you gain all the motivation and concentration you need. A study by the London School concluded that caffeine intake "significantly" reduced the number of errors at work. According to the researchers, caffeine improves "concept formation and reasoning." Likewise, the promotion of good coffee increases other important qualities during working hours, such as memory, orientation, attention, performance and perception.

And not only that. As surprising as it may seem, different clinical trials have confirmed that coffee also reduces the typical cervical, back, forearm, and wrist pain experienced by people who spend long days in front of a screen.

And to finish, we mustn't forget the precious moment over coffee with our co-workers. An ideal break to improve social relationships and teamwork. Of course, coffee should always be taken in moderation, as excess can also have a negative impact on work by increasing stress and tension.


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