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Can You Drink Coffee With a Cold?

The weather is quite changeable this time of year. In this case, it inevitably brings with it a cold. Can coffee lovers continue to consume coffee during this period?

Doctors recommend refraining from taking a fragrant and invigorating drink during a cold. They believe that during the treatment of viral ailments, coffee will not bring any benefit to the body, but within its power to complicate the work of the vascular-heart system.

In addition, the drink can cause an allergic reaction, even if it has not been observed before. Weakened immunity can react with redness and tearing of the eyes. Interestingly, a runny nose and redness of the eyelids during ARVI are no less common than allergies. Therefore, you may not notice signs of an allergic reaction over time.

Cold coffee?

But do not rush to give up a cup of coffee at the first alarming "bells" that indicate a cold. If you do not have a heart condition or allergic reaction, you can treat yourself to a coffee from time to time. But this should be a special option against a cold, not the regular drink you usually drink in the morning.

The recipe for the drink should be supplemented with some components that increase the benefits of the healing elixir. It is very important to use only a natural product for making coffee. Instant coffee may not be the right choice. You should drink natural coffee, as it is high-quality coffee that contains irreplaceable biologically active substances.

Coffee with cardamom. This spice is often added to fragrant anti-cold mixes. Its grains strengthen the work of the vascular-heart system and stimulate the immune system.

Cinnamon coffee. Spicy weak coffee will be especially useful in the early stages of a cold. Also, cinnamon coffee can be safely consumed after the temperature drops to accumulate the body's internal reserves.

Star anise coffee. Star anise (another name for the spice) is often used in cough mixes. Star anise facilitates breathing and has expectorant properties.

Coffee with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Such a drink helps a lot at low temperature (relieves headaches). It also reduces runny nose, relieves nasopharyngeal swelling and cleans the bronchi. Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Just remember that when preparing coffee with lemon and honey, the sweetener is added to the cooled drink, not hot.

There is a misconception that milk is very useful for colds, from this we can conclude that a little milk in coffee will not be superfluous. But before preparing such a drink, you need to clarify the symptoms: in the presence of sore throat and wet cough, milk should not be added to cold coffee.

Please note: if you prefer to combine a cup of aromatic coffee with food of all kinds, you should refuse it during the period of colds. Cakes, chocolates and pastries are very high-calorie treats that put a heavy load on the body's systems and organs. Also, sugar found in sweet pastries and desserts irritates the throat and worsens cough.

sore throat coffee recipe

If the first signs of a cold have spread to the throat (if there is irritation, pain or tingling), it is recommended to prepare an elixir according to the following recipe:

Pour finely ground coffee into a glass of water. Boil the mixture.

Then remove the coffee pot from the stove and let the coffee stand for 2-3 minutes. Add 0.5 teaspoon to Turkish coffee. good quality butter, a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper. Put the coffee pot on fire and bring the drink to a boil again.

Warning: It is not recommended to drink the drink directly 2-4 hours before bedtime, as the drink has an invigorating effect and you need to get enough sleep during illness.


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