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Can Coffee Beans Be Eaten?

Some people like to chew coffee beans. And even uses them in the preparation of culinary masterpieces. But some wonder if it is harmful to health. Are coffee beans (roasted) edible and what are the effects? We will also tell you about the important nuances - to whom this “snack” option is useful and who should not eat it.

The History of Eating Coffee Beans

It is known that the use of coffee initially consisted entirely of chewing coffee beans. People learned this by imitating wild goats, who really love coffee beans. The fact is that shepherds noticed that goats that eat leaves and fruit from coffee beans are more active and cheerful. People began to chew coffee beans for the sake of invigorating effect.

African tribes regularly used grains as an energy boost during long journeys. And in order not only to get a boost of vitality and strength, but also not to experience hunger, they mixed coffee beans with animal fat and rolled the mass into balls. This version of the food was stored for a long time, allowing the wild African tribes to use their strength to overcome the desert.

Of course, today raw cereals are no longer eaten, they are replaced by fried ones, which, by the way, bring great benefits to the body.

Benefits of eating coffee beans

You may already know that coffee raw materials contain a large amount of essential oils that provide servings of your favorite beverage with a bright taste and luxurious aroma. In addition to esters, the grains contain volatile substances, acids, which have a beneficial effect on the oral cavity. Scientists have managed to prove that they can not only freshen the breath, but also fight pathogenic microorganisms that live in large numbers in the human mouth.

Good to know: Italian scientists discovered that chewing coffee beans cleans the tongue, gums and tooth enamel, which helps prevent cavities. In addition, the grains are useful for the inner surface of the cheeks. From the time they are chewed, a layer of pathogenic microorganisms is cleared, which can lead to the development of regional candidiasis or to "reward" a person with a "geographical" language.

We can safely say that chewing coffee beans is an ideal alternative to chewing gum.

This is interesting: small doses of coffee beans can mask and suppress the smell of alcohol. However, if you've had too many hard drinks, neither coffee beans nor traditional chewing gum will save you.

Recipes where you can consume coffee beans directly;

Coffee beans are not only used to decorate dishes and desserts, but can also be one of the main ingredients.

Chocolate covered coffee beans recipe

To prepare them, you need to melt high-quality dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans. If you chose the first option, do not forget to constantly stir the chocolate mass, and also make sure that the bottom surface of the bowl with the chocolate does not come into contact with water. Otherwise, the chocolate will curl and the whole process will have to start over.

After the chocolate has completely melted, it is necessary to pour the coffee beans into the chocolate. Then, using a fork, lay them on the parchment. Refrigerate the dessert for a couple of hours and serve with your favorite drinks - green tea, coffee, etc.

If you do not want to buy each one separately, we recommend using the practical solution below. Pour the coffee raw materials into the melted chocolate, and then pour the entire mass into a mold with low sides. Send the sweets to the refrigerator. After the dessert hardens, you will get the original form of crunchy "hazelnut" dark chocolate.

By the way, a great option for a hearty and very tasty snack. Especially if you need concentration and energy. Chocolate with coffee beans is suitable for people with intellectual workload, students preparing for exams and schoolchildren. It will also find fans among fitness lovers as it contains energy.

It is suitable for those who are on a diet. This version of sweetness will suit them well too. The main thing in this case is to use dark chocolate without additives. If desired, spices can be added to the finished delicacy, starting with coconut flakes and ending with freshly ground black pepper. By the way, the last option gives piquancy to the dessert. If you are fighting with extra pounds, you should add paprika powder. This spice is known to have fat-burning properties.

Contraindications for eating coffee beans

You should know that coffee beans are very hard. Therefore, you have to apply a lot of force to chew them. For this reason, people with thin enamel and weak teeth are not recommended to chew coffee beans.

Large amounts of coffee beans have the same effect as your favorite caffeinated beverage. Therefore, if you suffer from high blood pressure or are uncomfortable with the functioning of the cardiovascular system You should not be involved in their use by anyone with disabilities.


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