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Arabica Coffee Bean

There are hundreds of varieties of coffee plants, but only two are the most commonly used: Robusta and Arabica. A steaming cup of coffee on the bar counter, even before the hot sip, its aroma enveloping and inflaming the senses activates the taste buds. Coffee is the result of a long journey that we roast and blend the seeds of a "red cherry" and pour into our cups. Thousands of flavors that adapt to our taste are born precisely through a long and methodical process. The Arabica plant (representing approximately 70% of the coffee produced in the world) has a production predominantly distributed in South America and East Africa. It is a high altitude and high humidity cultivation native to the region between Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen. This feature greatly restricts the areas where it can be grown and therefore affects the price per kilogram of the wholesale product. After roasting it shows a fairly elongated grain and a lower caffeine concentration. The robust species are found on the west coast of Africa, between Guinea and Uganda, and, as the name suggests, need less in terms of altitude and humidity.

Top Roasters' legendary coffees consist of #Arabica beans. Each of our coffees is specially roasted and packaged so that you can enjoy the high aroma in each cup.


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