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Aftertaste: What Does It Mean for the World of Coffee?

One of the key elements of distinguishing specialty coffee is the ability to distinguish the aftertaste or aftertaste of the coffee. This is one of the pillars of coffee tasting and something every professional barista should be able to catalog the coffee they taste.

Therefore, in this content you will learn what aftertaste is and what it means in the world of coffee.

Aftertaste; It is the definition of aftertaste.

Using a definition taken directly from a dictionary, we can say that aftertaste is the sensation that remains after passing certain foods through the mouth, and occurs only when contact with our taste buds is lost.

In the coffee world, the group of aromatic sensations and expressions that coffee leaves after passing through our throat is called aftertaste, or inner bouquet.

This is a trait highly valued by baristas and helps us recognize and identify the scents in the specialty coffee we taste.

Some coffees have a more pronounced aftertaste than others. This doesn't mean that it makes the coffee better or worse, it's just a feature we should consider when cataloging our coffee.

Senses play a role in tasting coffee

It is very important to note that all the senses are important when testing a coffee:

To touch




These are all basic.

How are different types of aftertaste classified?

Aftertaste can be cataloged in two different ways, and both are required.

If we classify it because the flavor is permanent in our mouth, the aftertaste can be as follows:




We can also catalog it according to the feeling it leaves us:

nice feeling

unpleasant feeling

Remember that not all coffees are perfect and we can find distinguishing flaws, aftertaste is one of the signs we should look out for.


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