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Affogato; Special Recipe for Coffee Gourmets

There is no concrete information about the formation of Affogato. To tell the truth, exactly when and where the first Affogato was produced is really unknown.

On the other hand, you can imagine this happening in Italy. Indeed, the country is known for its ice creams, and the democratization of the espresso machine in Italy in the early 1900s certainly led to the discovery and creation of new recipes.

Everything seems to be going in that direction, especially since the "fior di latte" ice cream is an Italian specialty and indeed the flavor used in the recipe at the beginning.

Today and since the late 1900s, affogato made from vanilla ice cream is found all over the world.

To make an Affogato worthy of its name, you need quality ingredients, namely:

espresso (specialty coffee, ideally)

a scoop of homemade ice cream (taste: fior di latte or vanilla)

The ideal is to pour #espresso over ice cream at the last moment. Therefore, in restaurants or cafes, ice cream is placed in a cup or glass, alongside espresso served in a small jug.


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