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Words From Famous People About Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is loved by the whole world, songs are written on it and scenarios are adapted. Whatever you need during the day, the way is definitely through coffee. You need a rest and you say "I need a coffee". You are sleepy, you know, a cup of coffee will solve this problem. Or when you want to see someone, you don't say "I want to see you" but you say "let's have a coffee". It is impossible to fall under the spell of coffee. Some celebrities are aware of coffee and this time they are showing up on the brown carpet. Here are important words about coffee from celebrities and writers who want to raise awareness about #coffee;

Hugh Laurie;

James Hugh Calum Laurie is a two-time Golden Globe-winning British actor, writer, director, musician, singer and comedian.

"I'm a coffee addict. Once you've had a good cup of coffee, you'll never go back."

Hugh Laurie

David Lynch;

David Keith Lynch is an American director and painter. Born in the USA on January 20, 1946, Lynch is also a well-known painter.

"Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all!"

David Lynch

Albert Camus;

Albert Camus, French writer and philosopher.

"Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?"

Albert Camus

Lana Del Rey;

Lana Del Rey, singer-songwriter

“In New York, I almost live in small cafes. I order fries and a Coke, and then I drink a lot of coffee.

Lana Del Rey

Napoleon Bonaparte;

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France

"I'd rather suffer with coffee than be numb."

Napoleon Bonaparte

Jim Carrey;

Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey is a Golden Globe-winning Canadian comedian and film actor.

"Some mornings, when I wake up, I take my coffee and look at my garden through the glass and say;

Remember how valuable these are because one day you may lose them.

Sandra Bullock;

Sandra Bullock is an American-German actress, producer and philanthropist.

"I quit coffee...Believe me, it's harder than breaking up with your lover."

Sandra Bullock

J. D. Salinger;

J. D. Salinger, Jerome David Salinger or J. D. Salinger is an American writer known for his 1951 novel The Heartfelt and his reclusive lifestyle.

"If there's one thing that drives me crazy, it's that when you say coffee is ready, it's not ready."

J.D. Salinger


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