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Why Is Arabica Coffee Bean So Popular?

It's no secret that Arabica coffee is one of the world's most admired coffees. In fact, we have always preferred #Arabica coffee at Top Roasters because it allows us to reach the Premium level we always seek in our products. So why do we love Arabica coffee so much? We offer you three simple explanations

1. A coffee rich in aroma

Arabica coffee is much more complex than #robusta, which is considered to be of poor quality. According to their complexity, they mean that there is a great wealth of aromas and flavors, which reveal all the sense notes once the cup reaches the coffee.

2. More refined

Arabica coffee not only has richer and more complex flavors, it is also more refined for the most connoisseur palate. This variety produces a more fragrant, sweet, smooth coffee with fresh, fruity and floral notes. Its acidity is pleasant and balanced, while robustas produce stronger and more bitter coffees.

3. Contains less caffeine

Arabica beans contain half as much caffeine as Robusta. The beans are under-roasted and the infusion is superb. If made with an automatic espresso machine, the caffeine is reduced.


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