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Why Do You Need a Long Mouth Kettle to Make Coffee?

Perhaps the long spout teapot is one of the most favorite products of specialty coffee equipment. Stylish and functional, like a prominent long-necked swan, it is an essential attribute of any barista as well as a home coffee lover.

However, many people are tormented by the question: Is it really necessary? Or is it still an element of the third wave movement and style?

No way.

Just don't let the lack of a long tap stop you from brewing your favorite beverage with alternative methods. In this article we will analyze only by which methods it does not bypass.

Many coffee lovers who are starting to make #coffee at home are a bit worried and insecure when purchasing a long-mouth kettle, referring to its presence as only necessary for a professional barista with a beard and a trendy apron. However, this judgment is not correct.

The gooseneck kettle was invented with one purpose in mind: to allow coffee drinkers to have more control over the brewing process by pouring water, thus providing a more even extraction. Many well-known brand-makers of these kettles added styling elements to their main function, the ability to control water temperature, and began to lengthen the spout of kettles.

The most important point in the preparation of good coffee is to achieve a homogeneous extraction, so we are talking about the importance of the degree of grinding of the bean, the temperature of the water, which must be added gradually, at a certain speed. Therefore, this type of kettle will be considered indispensable, thanks to the curved spout, it will allow you to pour the water exactly in the center, you can do it gradually and accurately, add it at the speed you choose and we will make sure that the coffee brewing process will go right. There were several experiments where baristas tried to control the flow of water using a conventional kettle, and it turned out to be quite difficult and unsuitable as the standard kettle's handle and spout wouldn't let you through. Adjust the point flow of water, as a result of which the coffee is uneven.

Is this kettle essential for all brewing methods? Of course not.

With it, you can achieve delicious coffee and maximum sweetness of the drink during brewing:

If you don't have a long spout kettle, it doesn't matter. Educate yourself to buy only freshly roasted coffee beans, get a grinder and start grinding the coffee beans before you brew them. Start experimenting with your pouring funnel. Choose the right grind and get a long spout teapot. As the taste of the coffee changes, start pouring water and make small notes. Then you can find the right one for you.


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