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What is the Difference Between Mocha and Moccachino?

Many popular products appeared by chance. For example, potato chips or moccachino coffee drink, which the chef serves under the guise of french fries, despite a disgruntled restaurant visitor, is the hero of our article. It not only quickly became a fashionable treat, but also spread all over the world, changing names and recipes in every country.

Moccaccino is prepared differently, even in coffee shops, but is still loved on all continents. In this article, we have collected the most important information about the coffee and chocolate drink and simple recipes to make at home.

What is a moccachino, how many calories and caffeine does it contain?

#Moccachino is a sweet hot drink made from coffee, milk and chocolate. Chocolate syrup or cocoa, depending on the recipe, is responsible for its pronounced taste.

Among coffee drinks, moccaccino is the leader in terms of calories: 100 g of the product contains an average of 250 to 350 kcal. The energy value depends on the amount (and fat content) of chocolate and milk, as well as the presence of decorations - in many interpretations, the drink is finished with a whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate chips. But even without it, the moccaccino is far superior in calories to both the classic latte and the sweet raff, it's actually a full-fledged dessert.

However, the caffeine in its composition is low - 40-60 mg (a serving of #espresso), and its effect is weakened by its high milk and sweetener content. Only this way, you can enjoy the drink at any time of the day without fear of insomnia. After all, moccachino is primarily a dessert, a moment of pleasure, a delicious treat for coffee and chocolate lovers.

The main requirement for coffee itself is its strength. Espresso is more common, but any strong brewed coffee will do. The variety can be cheap - milk and chocolate still kill the flavor properties. In order to feel the aroma of coffee in mocha, it is better to choose medium and dark roasted beans.

Chocolate can be bitter, milky, or even white. The three-layered structure of the mocha is important in some recipes and is sometimes served immediately homogeneously. Irish glasses are most often used for serving (especially if the drink is layered), but any glass cup of the required volume is allowed.

Moccachino originated in North America in the second half of the 20th century. Some visitors to coffee shops were dissatisfied with the characteristic taste of espresso, and to soften the bitterness, baristas began adding milk or cream to the drink and sprinkling chocolate chips on top. It was later replaced with chocolate syrup.

With the addition of syrup, the recipe quickly became popular.

In fact, coffee can come in different varieties. Classic drink recipe:

50 ml of espresso (1 serving),

100 ml of milk

50 ml chocolate syrup

whipped cream and grated chocolate to garnish.

Chocolate syrup is poured into a large glass first, followed by a shot of espresso. The milk is heated in a separate bowl and whisked until foamy. After adding it to the syrup and coffee, fill the glass almost to the brim with milk foam. A large whipped cream sprinkled with grated chocolate completes the finished drink.

In Europe, the recipe changed: they began to add 2 times more milk, and hot chocolate (or cocoa) replaced chocolate syrup. The portion and calorie content of the beverage increased, and thus the amount of caffeine decreased.

At first, American mocha was called chocolate latte in Europe, but in Italy another name took root - mocaccino. In fact, the drink differs from the classic latte only in chocolate flavor.

European mocaccino recipe:

50 ml of espresso,

200 ml of milk

50ml hot chocolate

Cream and grated chocolate for decoration.

A stronger version of the moccaccino with a double shot of espresso is also possible.


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