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What Is Kenya AA Coffee?

Kenya is known for its very well organized network of coffee cooperatives. This system creates remarkable consistency in terms of cultivation, processing and production tendering methods in a network of approximately 150,000 producers, most of them small farmers. The high altitude plateau topography of Kenya's main coffee regions combined with acidic soils provides excellent growing conditions for Arabica coffee.

All Kenyan coffee is first classified by sieve size (the larger the size of the coffee bean, the higher the quality) the measurement is made immediately after processing, then the weekly auction is held at the stock market coffee from Nairobi. The AA grade is the top screening-based grade. After classification, there are two general quality distinctions for AA:

Superior or Plus Quality

Only a minimal amount of minor defects are allowed as long as they do not affect the resulting trophy. Typically grown at 1400 – 1900m above sea level, cultivar SL-34. High-quality coffees often come from small cooperatives and can be auctioned off in separate lots.

100% Arabica Kenya AA

Coffee Kenya Arabica coffee is grown on rich volcanic soils found in mountainous regions between 1400 and 2000 meters above sea level. Many agree that the best Arabica coffee is grown in Kenya.

The climate is never hotter than a European summer and never colder than the most beautiful spring - its temperature never exceeds 19C (35F). Precipitation is well distributed in all coffee growing areas with well-drained red soil with an average of not less than 1000 mm (35") per year. These conditions make most counties in Kenya the only one in the world because of the very good soil where coffee is grown. Red volcanic soil is very fertile and the slopes provide good drainage for the fields.

Coffee production goes through a systematic protocol from the bean to the coffee cup. Since planting, Kenyan coffee is carefully controlled through all the processing stages it goes through.

Kenya flavors

Known for its rich and steady aroma, balanced wine-like acidity and pleasant aromas of nectarines and grapes, coffee beans from Kenya have a distinctive flavor with complex and clear notes.

The Kenya AA selection by Top Roasters is the perfect coffee for any aficionado.

cupping notes

Cane sugar, dense fruit, citrus, floral and slightly grassy notes, a clean, complex and juicy acidity. Rich body and slightly acidic. It gets sweeter when it cools.


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