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What is Cortado Coffee?

Most coffee drinks, such as espresso and cappuccino, come from Italy. Cortado comes from the Spanish word cortar, which means to cut. The milk in this coffee drink softens the harsh flavor of espresso when added to espresso. While Cortado is known as an incredibly popular and trendy coffee variety in Spain, it is now very popular in Portugal and then in Cuba.

Cortado is an espresso diluted with warm milk. The ratios between these two components

It is 1:1. So it only contains both hot milk and espresso.

Single shot espresso

hot milk

Is it just warm milk? No milk foam? No, there is no milk foam in cortado. Milk foam does not mix with espresso. Hot milk makes espresso nice, creamy and softer in taste.

Making latte art with Cortado is difficult. Without milk foam, of course, there is no latte art.

How can you make Cortado?

Espresso is the basis of cortado coffee. So you need an espresso machine. If you do not have an espresso machine at home, it can also be made with a fully automatic coffee machine. Both appliances now have an air tube with which you can heat the milk. The ratio of milk to coffee in a cortado is 50% milk and 50% espresso.

Prepare the espresso

warm the milk

Make sure you get 50% milk and 50% espresso.

You do not drink cortado from an espresso cup or cappuccino. This coffee is drunk from a medium glass or porcelain cup. If you take a glass of water with your cortado coffee, you should drink the water before you start drinking the cortado. This is to neutralize your palate.

What are the Differences Between Cappuccino and Cartado?

The main difference is the amount of milk used. Cortado contains slightly less milk, so it has slightly less volume. On the other hand, cappuccino contains more milk and more foam. It is also slightly larger in volume and slightly softer on caffeine.


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