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What is Coffee Syrup?

#Coffee strengthens its place in our lives day by day with its cup that does not fall into our hands, its scent enveloping the soul, its help in sleepless moments and as an excuse for the most beautiful conversations. Like the benefits of coffee, its varieties are also numerous. Although it appeals to every palate, sometimes there is always an alternative for those who like different tastes and aromas. #Coffee #syrup is one of the most delicious of these alternatives.

Coffee syrup is a quality alternative for those who prefer flavored coffee. They can find the opportunity to catch the flavor they are looking for by adding the right amount of syrups, which have many varieties, to their coffee.

Flavored coffee preferences

In cakes and desserts

Making smoothies and milkshakes

on fruit plates

It is suitable for use in making cold drinks.

Use of coffee syrup; The use of coffee syrup is all about taste. 20 gr syrup per liter of coffee is the ideal use.


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