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V60 Dripper Types

The story of the V60 Drippper, which is preferred by coffee lovers and coffee businesses, started in the 1920s when a company produced heat resistant glass. The #V60, which was initially designed as ceramic, was later offered to coffee lovers with many options.

Ceramic V60;

It is the most preferred model. It is heavy and has the feature of keeping the coffee hot for a longer time. In addition, being long-lasting and environmentally friendly is one of the most important factors in its preference.

Cam V60;

Due to its transparency, it makes coffee making more controlled. Easy cleaning is just one of the reasons for preference.

Copper V60;

It stands out with its durable structure. It is among the ideal V60s with its stylish looks and potential to keep the coffee warm.

Plastic V60;

It can be used comfortably in outdoor activities. With its easy use, durability and different patterns, there are many options to choose from.


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