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Top Six Technology Trends That Are Changing the Coffee Industry

Coffee is one of the most sought-after and purchased staples worldwide. The massive manufacturing industry is finding new ways to improve food quality. A report from the specialty web magazine, Coffee Informer, predicts a 2.5 percent annual growth in global coffee consumption by 2022. This is a highly profitable industry and an important figure for many cultures that use this beverage as a central element.

In the special case of this #gastronomic commodity, emerging technologies are reshaping procedures for this important sourcing. Take a look at the innovations that are expected to accelerate the distribution of coffee in the global economy.

Six Striking Technological Advances for Coffee Production and Sales in 2022

We're starting to see a few big changes in production lines and even coffee shops. The process of making and selling this popular beverage is not the same today as it was ten years ago. Let's see what's new in this field.

Mobile Printers and Prescription Labels

Coffee shops can now accelerate their sales and service to as many customers as possible, thanks to the implementation of mobile printers with POS. These devices create an encrypted recipe with the customer's information in the sales database. Thanks to these automatic assistants, customer satisfaction is increased.

Cash, purchase registration machines, and traditional POS take a long time to effectively process many sales one by one. This type of technology can record every purchase in a matter of seconds and process several pending orders at the same time.

Mobile Order Buyers

Mobile order takers make many things possible and work as a kind of automated waiter. This software transfers order data from a few sitting customers to the coffee shop staff. While waiting for their coffee and dessert, customers can choose what they want with the touch of a few buttons.

Taking orders will no longer be a delaying process and will improve customers' consumption experience. Implementing an IT-based infrastructure in this type of business looks forward to a more modern future and higher sales volume.

Self Service Kiosks (Devices that give sequence numbers)

Customers can place their orders by typing or choosing the type of coffee they want at these special coffee points. A small computer takes the order and displays its features on a screen that the #barista directs to prepare the drink. This tech-based coffee shop creates an effective customer line.

The biggest advantage of self-service #kiosks is that customers can have a variety of flavors and combinations just by placing their orders. These venues have expert baristas who make brewing coffee an attractive and pleasant art.

Data Information

Data is the element that moves many processes in the modern age. There are data-driven applications that allow to predict customers' preferences. A smart coffee service shop attracts many people. As people's tastes are constantly changing, so has the creativity in making great coffee with new ways to delight customers.


The convenience of ordering a cup of coffee is a reflection of the advancement in technology. Nowadays, you can request coffee via a messaging app that sends your order directly to the barista. Additionally, more payment methods speed up money transfers in less than a few seconds.

Coffee Tasting Technology

Data collection is an interesting technological advancement that measures various factors to evaluate the quality, flavor and consistency of each preparation. Water temperature, brewing time, volume and density are important considerations for tasters. In this way, baristas and coffee professionals can deliver a high quality beverage to customers' satisfaction.

How Does Technology Affect the World of Coffee?

Emerging technologies are changing coffee preparation, for example, through more accurate tools that detect the deficiency of a particular ingredient. In addition, new software and hardware organize and manage the distribution of coffee in the shop. If you are a coffee seller, you can ensure customer satisfaction by applying the above innovations.

Also, just as there are applications that measure production standards, the market is evolving with new ways to promote the beverage. Social media management tools allow businesses to capture more customers through personalized coffee preparations using data on consumption patterns.


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