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Top Roasters at the 3rd COFFEX ISTANBUL Fair

As the interest of coffee lovers and coffee professionals is intensifying towards COFFEX, the opportunities for the coffee industry are becoming greater than ever before.

COFFEX, as the only specialized fair in the coffee industry in Turkey, creates a strong and reliable platform that will bring your products and services together with professionals and coffee lovers in the national and international markets.

The players of the sector, experts, institutions and organizations that serve every point of coffee and cocoa come together for new collaborations at the fair.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this high-volume market!

In our 3rd COFFEX ISTANBUL Fair, we draw attention to the coffee issue and the sectoral business volume created in this regard, with the theme of "Grow Your Business and Your Joy".

Interviews, conferences, coffee and cocoa workshops, roasting academy and sessions, which will be held with different topics and many contents with the inspiration we get from coffee, will accompany the fair for 4 days.

During the events, coffee industry members, interested parties and coffee lovers will come together.


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