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Tiramisu from Indonesia Sumatra

To get the perfect tiramisu, everything starts with the choice of coffee, which is the main ingredient for preparing this wonderful dessert. For a truly flawless result, it is best to choose coffee beans instead of ground coffee during preparation so that the taste and aroma do not change. Indonesia Sumatra is the best coffee for #tiramisu. With the cocoa flavor it contains, you can get a dessert that is worthy of your New Year's table in its full consistency.

First, beat the egg yolks with sugar and you get a very soft and foamy cream, gradually adding mascarpone into it. Biscuits should always be soaked on one side with Indonesia Sumatra and milk, always according to the traditional recipe. Biscuits should be arranged in an orderly manner to form layers without overlapping, and mascarpone cream should be placed between them. Thyremus is completed by sprinkling finely ground Indonesia Sumatra on top.


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