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Tamping Mat

Whether you're a professional or an amateur, you need to master many elements and have minimal experience to make a good espresso. However, skills are not everything. Of course the coffee itself, the use of the right equipment. It may not be possible to make the right coffee without a quality espresso machine and a suitable tamping mat. #Tamping #mat is one of the barista accessories. Its main benefit is to ensure optimal compression of the coffee. In fact, when the ground coffee needs to be fixed in the filter holder, it is necessary to apply a sufficiently strong pressure, which requires pressing the coffee against the work surface. Using a perfectly adherent compression mat prevents slipping and provides optimum pressure during maneuvering. Depending on the model, the dimensions of the compression mat vary. There are different colors, but you can see black models everywhere. As for the material, it usually consists of silicone or rubber.


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