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Sugar is a Great Ally to Coffee

Some say that sugar is the resource used by people who don't like coffee. While it's true that drinking it alone is ideal for appreciating the full body, aroma, and acidity of a good coffee, that doesn't mean we can't please ourselves by adding other flavors and textures to our espresso.

Of course, it should be clear that flavoring a #coffee is decisive in the final outcome. Therefore, today we will analyze what are the best options so that a sweetened coffee does not lose its original essence.

Today, we can find innumerable substances with a sweetening effect on the market, be it traditional sugar, from artificial sweeteners (saccharine, aspartame ...) to all kinds of substances of natural origin (Maple, palm ...).

Of all these sweeteners, star sugar is still white or refined. This type of sugar has gone through a chemical refining process that strips the brown sugar of the molasses that coats it and gives it its characteristic colour.

Because white sugar does not contain molasses, it has more sucrose and is therefore more sweetened. On the contrary, it lacks the vitamins and minerals that molasses provides. For this reason, it is always said that brown sugar is healthier.

Another common option for any hot beverage is flavored candies. The most common ones are usually vanilla, cinnamon, clove, star anise, flower or citrus based.


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