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Selizza Arbitrary Foam Turkish Coffee Machine

Thanks to the patented mixing system, it makes the closest brew to the traditional Turkish Coffee brewing technique by making the spoon movement.

Thanks to the tracking and recording technology, you can create your own standard and plan your coffee cost.

You can also use the optional adjustable mixing time to prepare flavored Turkish Coffee varieties.


Thanks to this technology, inspired by the movement of the spoon, it provides a perfect foam formation and ensures that the coffee never sticks to the bottom of the coffee pot.


With the foam detection technology, ideal foam is provided and the same foam level is obtained in every cooking.


Turkish Coffee, which should be made with the brewing method, reaches its traditional brewed flavor with Arbitrary Foam.


In accordance with the traditional method of making coffee, when you put your coffee pot back in its place after distributing the first foam on the cups, it provides a further heating opportunity.


Handcrafted copper coffee pot is used in accordance with traditional Turkish coffee.


Mixing spoons should be cleaned periodically to keep the machine hygienic and for long-lasting use. By pressing the 2 keys of each coffee pot at the same time, the mixing process is started.


Operation, cleaning and water filling processes can be monitored on the Tft LCD screen and an audible warning is given when the process is finished.


Thanks to the traCup software, it is possible to monitor how many cups of coffee are made.


Thanks to the dynamiCup technology, water is taken in a scale specific to the size of the cup used.


With its dynamiX technology, it can cook Dibek, Ottoman and Menengeç coffees and other flavored coffees.

Selizza Keyfi Köpük Türk Kahve Makinesi
Selizza Keyfi Köpük Türk Kahve Makinesi


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