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Professional Coffee Equipment; Pulp Box

Every coffee lover who drinks more than one #coffee a day knows how much coffee a person can produce per day.

Used coffee grounds stink over time and can leave your coffee station dirty and messy. They can also clog the #portafilter of your coffee machine, interfering with your brewing process. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of coffee grounds immediately. The most convenient way to do this is to use a coffee pulp box.

If you're not familiar with this detail, don't worry. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about the pulp box.

What is Pulp Box?

The pulp bin is a small waste bin specially made to dispose of used coffee grounds. After brewing a cup of coffee, you clean your filter by literally banging the disc through the filter into a can.

Many people prefer the traditional way of cleaning their coffee filters - it gets rid of the coffee filters by popping the disc out and rinsing the filter well. It gets the job done but can be quite annoying most of the time.

Because the coffee disc remains wet after brewing, they quickly stick to the bottom of the #filter; therefore, it becomes difficult for them to get out. Plus, they can get pretty hot, especially right after they've been brewed. This is where the knock box saves the day. Tapping your filter on it will dislodge the coffee grounds, leaving you with a clean filter in seconds.

Pulp Box Types

There are different types of pulp boxes on the market today. However, they differ only in the style of design and the materials used to make them, as their main appearance is almost the same. Below are a few examples of pulp boxes.

Plastic Pulp Boxes

These are the most affordable boxes on the market. They are available in a variety of colors and different design styles as they are easy to shape. They are lightweight, easy to use, which makes them ideal for everyday use at home.

Plastic crash boxes may be appropriate; however they are not the most durable tool on the market

Stainless Steel Pulp Boxes

Stainless steel pulp bins may be more expensive than the average plastic, but most cafes and homes prefer them more. This is because they are more durable and can be made in larger sizes without sacrificing strength.

Moreover, stainless steel often looks better and more professional than plastic, many coffee lovers prefer them.

Drawer Pulp Boxes

It provides practicality and convenience in terms of design. They are flat rectangular boxes with built-in drawers designed to fit under a coffee grinder or coffee machine.

They also need to be cleaned regularly because the drawer design limits airflow and ventilation, making it easier for molds to develop.

Why Do You Need a Pulp Box?

There are three reasons why every coffee lover should have a good pulp box:


It is very convenient to use a pulp box, especially when preparing coffee for a large group of people. Instead of running back and forth to the trash or sink every time, it's easier to empty your disk into a nearby container.

Keeps Your Environment Clean

The coffee disc usually stays wet and sometimes comes out after the liquid has been expelled. Emptying your coffee grounds into a trash can can cause your trash to start dripping after a while and make a terrible mess that you need to clean up.

Also, emptying your filter may require you to tap the rim of the trash can to release the wet coffee grounds. In this case, you should always clean your filter with water before brewing the next cup of coffee.

You can avoid all this by using a knock box to empty your filter. Everything stays in one container, making the cleaning process much more manageable.

Damage Control

Using a pulp box also minimizes damage to your portafilter. Constantly banging the filter in the trash can damage both the trash can and the filter.

The situation is the same even if you use the sink. You may cause a dent in your sink or porta filter. Additionally, the continued disposal of coffee grounds can cause a buildup clogging your drain and pipes.

You can avoid all this by investing in a good pulp box.

Considerations When Choosing Pulp Box

Finding the best pulp box for professional coffee making will add efficiency to your coffee routine. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing the one that fits your needs.


The size of any kitchen appliance is very important. Therefore, when choosing a pulp box, you should consider how much surface area you have. You need to choose a pulp box that fits your coffee station perfectly without messing things up.

You should always consider the dimensions of the pulp box you are about to purchase to ensure it fits effortlessly into your space.


Once you figure out what size pulp box will fit in your space, you can figure out how much pulp on the go.

It's time to find what you can hold.

The capacity of the pulp box you choose will only depend on the amount of coffee you take daily.


Choosing a pulp box made of a sturdy material is a must, as you will be hitting the portafilter against it. Metal cans are ideal, but those made of strong plastic should also work well.

Rubber knock boxes are also well suited for the job because they are durable and are unlikely to crack; but they degrade over time.

Ease of Cleaning

It would be better if you choose an easy-to-clean pulp box. It should neither be heavy nor have a complex shape.

The pulp boxes, which are easier to clean, are either round or square. Choosing one with an intricate design will make cleaning a chore, making your brewing even more difficult.


If you're a coffee lover looking for a way to keep your coffee station less messy, the pulp box is the piece of equipment for you. It keeps the coffee grounds in one place, speeds up your brewing process and simplifies your coffee disposal.


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