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Overview of Coffee Syrups

The tradition of adding various syrups to coffee arose in the second half of the last century. This practice has become a regular among owners of European and American coffee shops. From the very beginning, syrups were added only to "complex" drinks. For example, coffee with ice cream, latte and others. Soon, however, the sugar-filled viscous ingredient began to be added to the classic reference espresso.

To date, all commercially available syrups according to taste characteristics can be divided into several groups:

Berry and fruit syrups (raspberry, strawberry, banana, apple, melon, etc.).

sweet flavors

Nut consistency additives (almond, macadamia flavored);

Spicy syrups (to taste vanilla, cinnamon is pronounced).

Despite the emergence of more and more exotic syrups, the popularity of unchanging leaders has by no means waned. We invite you to take a closer look at the champion sauces that are enjoying well-deserved love among coffee and beverage connoisseurs.

Nut syrup for coffee drinks

This type of viscous, sweet additive is considered a real "highlight" in many sweet cocktails. After all, this syrup allows you to reduce the clogging of coffee notes and improve their "sound". In undiluted espresso, it is added mainly to accentuate the nutty aftertaste.

Note: The additive with a nutty taste and a sweet-tart aroma is ideally combined not only with Arabica coffee, which is loved by many, but also with various South American coffee blends. A duet of coffee and hazelnut syrup allows you to fully bring out the fruity tartness found in most of these assortments.

How to make coffee with hazelnut syrup?

Such a drink will give you the same charge of vitality and energy that most of us do not have in the early morning. And thanks to the presence of ice, the cocktail will be your savior, especially on hot summer days.

Materials you need:


Strong espresso, 50 ml;

Nut syrup.

Put ice in a shaker, pour hot espresso into it (can be replaced with Turkish coffee), add the required amount of syrup. Whisk the drink. If you don't have a shaker, this is not a problem. You can add finely crushed ice to the drink.

Caramel syrup for your favorite drink

This type of syrup has a delicate taste with a barely noticeable creamy note. It is not surprising that coffee lovers use the power of the traditional drink to "calm down". In addition, caramel syrup is often heavily used in the preparation of coffee-based cocktails, the world's most popular beverage.

This is interesting: most often caramel-flavored syrup is used as an additive for coffee with milk, cappuccino and even traditional espresso. In addition, the pronounced caramel flavor of the syrup perfectly "coexists" with coffee with the addition of juice.

How to make coffee with caramel syrup?

Materials you need:

50 ml of espresso or coffee, prepared according to one of the eastern recipes;

2-3 teaspoons of caramel-flavored syrup;

Prepare your favorite coffee recipe. Then pour into a glass, syrup and add. Best of all, such a drink with a heady aroma is combined with muffins or freshly baked French croissants.

Vanilla syrup properties

This type of syrup is very popular among sweet lovers. Its taste and aroma are very delicate, while its pronounced sweetness is not offensive. Vanilla syrup perfectly softens the distinctive bitterness and strength of coffee. That is why it is traditionally combined with strong and bitter varieties of raw materials. However, vanilla syrup is great for "making friends" with Arabica in your cup. After all, it can mask the sourness inherent in these grains.

How to make vanilla coffee?

Materials you need:

80 ml of Turkish coffee;

Whole milk and vanilla syrup.

Prepare oriental coffee, let it cool. Pour the syrup and milk into a glass. After that, fill the cup with chilled coffee and pour it in a thin stream. Such a cocktail can be drunk with a straw, and its taste is liked not only by women, but also by many men who cannot imagine a life without sweet treats.

Chocolate syrup properties

Chocolate and coffee are a perfect duet, the components of which have long proven their commitment to each other. Therefore, chocolate additive is used to maximize the taste of the drink and give them a new and at the same time very familiar taste from childhood.

How to make chocolate note coffee?

Materials you need:

100 ml of coffee;

50 ml of milk or cream;

Ice cream without additives;

4 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.

You need to brew the coffee, then heat the milk (without boiling). Pour the syrup and coffee into a glass. Then put ice cream on top.

Note: This drink is best served in tall glass goblets.

Spiced coffee with chocolate syrup

Materials you need:

4 servings of coffee prepared by adding granulated sugar (50 gr), 4 sticks of cinnamon, clove buds and anise seeds;

50 ml of chocolate sauce;

100 ml of whipped cream;

A few slices of orange.

coffee Prepare, let cool, strain. Add syrup to glasses or glasses. Pour the coffee, fill the jars with whipped cream and add the orange slices.

Syrup ratios

Of course, each person has the right to independently determine how much syrup to add to his drink. But if you haven't added such a special ingredient to your morning coffee before, we suggest you try these ratios first:

For 50 ml - 1 teaspoon of thick syrup with a viscous texture.

If you're craving sweets, you can double the portion (this is especially true for vanilla and chocolate flavored syrups).

Tip: If you are preparing a coffee cocktail with the addition of milk, ice and other ingredients, you should calculate a portion of syrup based on the total volume of the final product. For example, if you are preparing a coffee drink with 100 ml of coffee and 50 ml of dairy product, you will need to put exactly 3 teaspoons in a glass.

Where can you buy the syrup?

If you haven't used a supplement for your morning coffee before, you don't have to worry. After all, Top Roasters is pretty much an expert at it. It serves you with its wide syrup collection.

Classic coffee recipe with syrup

You need:


100 ml of whole milk;

2 ice cubes (can be replaced with finely crushed ice);

20 ml of syrup.

Prepare a traditional drink, whisk all the ingredients and pour into a tall glass.

The most popular syrups

After reading the article, most people will think: so what kind of coffee syrup tastes better? It should be said that the choice should be made by each person individually. However, let us share our experience with you:

Hazelnut syrup goes well with espresso;

chocolate - with strong coffee and a drink prepared in the best eastern traditions;

caramel and vanilla harmonize best with the elegant and taste of coffee and milk drinks;

Berry syrups can be safely added to a drink prepared on the basis of Arabica.


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